Electrical Tail-Gate for SUVs/MPVs

Powerise gas springs also called by Automatic Lid Drive Systems or Electrical tail-gate. It usually applied as automatic tail-gate open system for suvs/mpvs/trucks. This is newly invented by LeiYan gas springs. It is patented products owned by LeiYan (Patent No.: 201620867019.0) at very cost effective way.

LeiYan’s innovated electrical tail-gate lift system is gas spring looking with a motor inside tube.

Advantage of this fantastic Electrical TailGate compares to Power-driven mechanical spring system:

  • Smaller size, which can easier to fit in most of cars/suvs/trucks
  • Accurate force value
  • Adaptable for any customize demands
  • No mechanical noise
  • Simplified production process

National Standard Setter | LeiYan Gas Spring | Innovation and Quality that you can trust!

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Powerised Gas Springs:

  • Force Value (Positive 1000N/Reverse 1000N)
  • Normal temperature cycling life (50,000)
  • High and low temperature environment cycle life (30,000)
  • Salt spray test (200h)