We are the first and only to manufacture “gas spring production machines” and “testing equipment” in China with duly recognized gas spring patents. Thus, we provide gas spring technology to improve domestic gas spring industry.

List of LeiYan Gas Spring patents:
1. A gas spring contains fixed stroke where has adjustable pressure

2. A mandatory mechanical locking gas spring

3. A three phase gas spring which has pressure reducing function

4. A rotational lifting gas spring for chair has automatic restore function

5. A locking gas spring where compression direction is rigid

6. A super force value gas spring which has strengthening structure

7. A locking tension gas spring

8. A locking gas spring has automatic restore function

9. A pneumatic wheeling gas spring for chair has restore function

10. A constant damping gas spring with double pressure

11. A locking gas spring with very soft pressure

12. A gas spring with inner mechanical locking device

13. A gas spring with supported sheath

14. An adjustable locking gas spring with both end rigid

15. A gas spring can adjust pressure releasing

16. Tension gas spring

17. A variable force value gas spring can be circulation and reversed angle