Marine Gas Springs

Marine Gas Springs are mainly used in boats, warships, sailing ships, equipment & facilities along coastline. Marine gas springs mostly require corrosion and adapt extreme environment. LeiYan gas spring is national standard setter of gas spring in China. Our innovative design and strict process standards greatly meet the needs of marine demands.

National Standard Setter | LeiYan Gas Spring | Innovation and Quality that you can trust!

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sailing boat ships gas springs - leiyan gas spring


. Boat
. Sailing ships
. Warships
. Ocean container
. Lids/Hatches/Doors
. Balance / Support / Rotation & Restore



. Stainless steel gas springs
Locking gas springs
Compression Gas Springs
Super force value gas springs
Micro gas springs
Powerised gas springs

marine ship gas springs - LeiYan gas springcoastline facilities equipment gas springs - LeiYan gas spring