As general components, gas spring is gradually replacing the traditional mechanical springs, and widely used in medical equipment, sports equipment, cars, trains, high speed rail facilities, military facilities, machinery, furniture and so on. Ning Cheng , the founder of LeiYan is chief consultant of China Gas Spring Committee, participated in the formulation and review of the national standard of gas springs.

As the pioneer of China gas spring industry, we have carried out innovation and upgrade to the production process of seat gas springs. We aggregated three production steps into one, which are: tube folding, welding and gas inflation.  This innovation can ensure appearance and quality of gas springs matching the standard of Germany products. The advantages of this new generation of products are: stability of pressure, high consistency of inflating precision, perfect appearance, and greatly improving the production capacity.

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Industry Applications:

Aerospace Gas Springs

Vehicle Gas Springs

Military Gas Springs

Medical Gas Springs

Container / Box Gas Springs

Machinery Gas Spring

Furniture Gas Springs

Marine Gas Springs


By years of research process, we have developed series of patented products of special gas springs. Thus we are able to provide the best solutions for your Gas Springs requirements:

Diameter of tube:
Stroke of piton rod: 
Length when compressed:
Force value:
End fitting of both end:
Application: Let us know where and how it applied, so that we may provide best solutions.