Nitro Piston Ram for Air Rifle & Guns

LeiYan gas springs developed a patented Air Rifle Nitro Piston Ram. There is extremely high pressure of nitrogen gas inside this cylinder, which provide powerful force value to fire the bullets. It is not exact piston structure of the cylinder, where it can achieve rapid speed of both extension and compression process. It can be customized base on requirements of air rifle and air guns.

LeiYan Gas Springs for Air GunAir Rifle Nitro Piston Ram made by LeiYan Gas Springs

Air Rifle Nitro Piston Ram - OEM by LeiYan Gas Springs

Air Rifle Nitro Piston Ram

LeiYan high quality gas springs meet military’s extreme requirements.

Video of AirGuns Nitro Piston Ram

Advantages of nitro piston air gun compare with spring air guns:

1. A nitro piston air gun is lighter weight than a spring air gun. It is easier for shooters in the field all day carring their rilfes/guns walking around.
2. The nitro piston ram produces much less recoil than the traditional spring gun. Some benefits are:
2.1. A nitro piston gun requires less practice to hold the gun properly, since the recoil is minimized.
2.2. Even an average skilled shooter, you can shoot accurately with minimum effort, because of very less recoil.
2.3. If using ordinary spring gun, you have to hold your hands at same place whenever you shoot, any difference of hand posion will cause double of difference in Point of Impact (the point the pellet hits the target). While with a nitro piston ram gun which is less recoil, there is no effect on POI in material even if your hands positons change over the shot cycle.
3. A nitro piston ram gun or rifle fires 60 % faster than a coiled spring gun and 20% faster than a simple gas piston. A faster lock time (the time the pellet remains in the barrel until it is discharged) means better accuracy.
4. A nitro piston ram is waterproof.
5. Nitro piston can be left cocked for days. With a springer, if you left the gun cocked for a long time, the spring would lose its strength which leads to a reduction in the gun’s power and accuracy.
6. a nitro piston is absolutely quiet, it produces 75% less noise than a coiled spring gun.
7. a nitro piston is more long-lasting than a spring air gun. LeiYan patented Nitro Piston Ram can achieve 10,000 shots (or 30,000 life-cycle base on gas spring testing standard), while spring gun is only 5000 shots.

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